1992 – 1999 in Cologne/Hamburg



Eine Strenge von Geborgenheit (A severity of security) – concert reading with the Wuppertal Ensemble for Improvised Music Partita Radicale at the Mühleisen-Presse publishing house, by Daniel Hees in Cologne


Continuously since 1998, freelance book critic for the German radio network Deutschlandfunk (until 2021)

Die Quadratur der Laune (The squaring of fancy) – concert reading with Ortrud Kegel in Galerie Plus in Düsseldorf

Concert reading with lyrics by Walter Serner and music by Suchkind 412 in Luxembourg

Photo: Dirk Dahmer


Meine Eltern sind ein weihnachtliches Paar, sie lieben sich einmal im Jahr (My parents are a Christmas couple – they love one another once a year) – concert reading with the group Suchkind 412 in Luxemburg, recorded and broadcasted on Boxing Day by Radio Luxembourg

Lale, die Schlafforscherin (Lale, the sleep researcher) – a children’s story

until 1996

Vocalist and lyricist for the Ensemble for Grotesque Music called Die Bestürzung (Bewilderment). Shows at the Buschwindröschen, LC, the Beggar Bar, among other venues

since 1995

together with Andrea

1994 – 2000

Studies in Germanic languages and literatures, philosophy and art history at the University of Cologne and the University of Amsterdam

1994 & 1995

Das Contrabello (The contrabello) – a fairy tale. A co-production with the pianist Matthias Ebbinghaus et.al. performed at Bürgerhaus Kalk and the Beggar Bar


In Hamburg

Photo: Oberbergischer Anzeiger


Das Vollkornherz (The whole-grain heart) – concert reading with the bassist Sören Marquard alias Kurt Bikini in the Piccolo-Theater

Publications in the German journals Am Erker (Münster), Kaleidoskop (Hamburg) as well as with the Young Authors Initiative in Munich