1992 – 1999 in Cologne/Hamburg



Eine Strenge von Geborgenheit (A severity of security) – concert reading with the Wuppertal Ensemble for Improvised Music Partita Radicale at the Mühleisen-Presse publishing house, by Daniel Hees in Cologne


Continuously since 1998, freelance book critic for the German radio network Deutschlandfunk (until 2021)

Die Quadratur der Laune (The squaring of fancy) – concert reading with Ortrud Kegel in Galerie Plus in Düsseldorf

Concert reading with lyrics by Walter Serner and music by Suchkind 412 in Luxembourg

Photo: Dirk Dahmer


Meine Eltern sind ein weihnachtliches Paar, sie lieben sich einmal im Jahr (My parents are a Christmas couple – they love one another once a year) – concert reading with the group Suchkind 412 in Luxemburg, recorded and broadcasted on Boxing Day by Radio Luxembourg

Das Jahr zu dir (The year to you) – miniatures, poems

Lale, die Schlafforscherin (Lale, the sleep researcher) – a children’s story

until 1996

Vocalist and lyricist for the Ensemble for Grotesque Music called Die Bestürzung (Bewilderment). Shows at the Buschwindröschen, LC, the Beggar Bar, among other venues

Stills/Handlung – miniatures

since 1995

together with Andrea

1994 – 2000

Studies in Germanic languages and literatures, philosophy and art history at the University of Cologne and the University of Amsterdam

1994 & 1995

Das Contrabello (The contrabello) – a fairy tale. A co-production with the pianist Matthias Ebbinghaus et.al. performed at Bürgerhaus Kalk and the Beggar Bar


In Hamburg

Photo: Oberbergischer Anzeiger


Das Vollkornherz (The whole-grain heart) – concert reading with the bassist Sören Marquard alias Kurt Bikini in the Piccolo-Theater

Publications in the German journals Am Erker (Münster), Kaleidoskop (Hamburg) as well as with the Young Authors Initiative in Munich

Wohn-Heim – miniatures

Letna – poems


Die Landschaft ohne Park in der Stadt – poems