2019 – 2023 in Brussels

Photo: Clara Menissier



Interview and poem on literaturoutdoors, edited by Walter Pobaschnig

Abschied ist ein langes Wort (Farewell is a long word) published by Passagen Verlag

The Brussels Cleaning Masters perform The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot at Denderland, Geraardsbergen (Belgium)

Fête de la Musique, a book of poems, is published by Athena-Verlag, celebrated with a DJ-reading at Studio Bohde in Cologne

Live on Radio Orange, Vienna, talking about Brüsseler Tagebuch (Brussels Diary)

Unendlichkeit (Infinity) is published by Verlag Karl Alber

Presentation of Brüsseler Tagebuch (Brussels Diary) at Leipzig Book Fair

The Iliad by the Brussels Cleaning Masters

After the Image is published by Grafische Cel, Ghent

Indifferentie en herhaling (Indifference and Repitition) is published in De Uil van Minerva, an aesthetic reflection on regeneration

Workshop at Harvard Graduate School of Design, on the comparison of Reverse Perspective and Doppler Effect, together with Sarah M. Whiting and Wim Goes 


Lecture at the Mozarteum Salzburg on art pedagogy between rationalism and education, in the context of the conference Kritik (in) der Kunstpädagogik, organised by Iris Laner.

Reading from Wasserzeichen (Watermark) at the Insel der Bücher, Essen (musically accompanied by Sören Marquard)

Brüsseler Tagebuch (Brussels Diary) is published by Passagen Verlag, book launch at the Frankfurt Book Fair Reading Island

since then member of the PEN Zentrum deutschsprachiger Autoren im Ausland (PEN Centre of German-speaking Authors Abroad)

Atmosphere in Contemporary Chinese Illustration – Lecture with Yingda Dong at the conference Aesthetics of Atmosphere in an Intercultural Perspective, organised by the College of Media and International Culture, School of Philosophy, Zhejiang University, and the College of Liberal Arts, Guangxi Minzu University

Wasserzeichen (Watermark) is published by Athena-Verlag

Das Auge singt mit – Für eine Genealogie der Popkultur (The eye sings along – For a genealogy of pop culture) on praefaktisch

Reading of Das Leichte und die Leichtigkeit (The Light and the Lightness) on Formate der Kunstvermittlung 7 under the motto Keine Angst, at Leuphana University Lüneburg

Performance of Magnolie at the Berlin Philharmonie, by the New Male Choir Berlin, conducted by Adrian Emans

The Brussels Cleaning Masters perform the Declaration of Human Rights in the exhibition Common Ground by Nathalie Bertrams, in the Bunker of Art, Aachen

Berliner Mitte (Berlin Mitte) is published by the Volkmar Mühleis Ensemble

Lecture at the University of Passau on Reverse Perspective, as part of the DFG research project Visual Education

Presentation of the artistic research project After the Image at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg, an event organised by the AG Medienphilosophie (Media Philosophy Group)

Lecture on a phenomenological understanding of intimacy, at the Dag van de filosofie at the KASK, Ghent 

Lecture on Reverse Perspective at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, together with Wim Goes, nr. 20 of the series Five on Five/Books and Looks

Lecture on Regenerative Aesthetics at KASK, Ghent

Reverse Perspective, the Politics of Space, and Contemporary Art Practice – a joint presentation with Clemena Antonova and Wim Goes at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna

Presentation of Artuarium – The Grammar of Art School, co-edited with Nancy Vansieleghem at Grafische Cel in Ghent, during the ELIA Academy in Brussels, LUCA School of Arts.


The poems Auf dem Weg zum Park (On the way to the park), Erinnerung (Memory) and Gebet (Prayer) appear in the anthology Sehnsucht, edited by Katrin Janßen and Ute Sattler at Athena-Verlag

House of Literature The Hague, Reading Tagebuch eines Windreisenden

Tagebuch eines Windreisenden (Diary of a Wind Traveller), published by Passagen Verlag

Performance “For Nelly Sachs”, with the dancer Gregor Weber and the double bass player Peter Jacquemyn, at the St. Paulus parish in Brussels, for the opening of the exhibition The Renaissance of Humility. 

Together with Andrea Sabisch and Jörg Sternagel responsible for the project ‘Visual Education’ of the German Research Foundation (until 2025).

Panel discussion on Sarah M. Broom’s The Yellow House with Judith Wambacq and Jörg Sternagel at the annual conference of the Society for Media Studies at the University of Innsbruck

Das Recht des Schwächeren (The Right of the Weaker One), a collection of poems, is published by Athena-Verlag

Presentation “Reverse Perspective – On Conditions of Intermedial Education”, at the XI congress of the German Society for Aesthetics, online, via Zurich University of the Arts 

Geachte meneer Kant, – Brieven van jonge kunstenaars aan filosofen, LUCA School of Arts, Brussels, presented on the Graduation Show

Goodbye to Morrissey – An Essay on Art and Morals, published by Grafische Cel, Ghent

Das Begräbnis des Philosophen – Eine Novelle (The Philosopher’s Funeral – A Novella), published by Verlag Karl Alber

Bildbeschreibung, Klangbeschreibung? Ästhetische Ekphrasis als ein produktives Missverständnis zwischen Narziss und Echo (Descriptions of Sound and Image? Aesthetic Ekphrasis as a Productive Misunderstanding between Narcissus and Echo)


“Für eine topische Medienphilosophie” (For a topical media philosophy) in Internationales Jahrbuch für Medienphilosophie

Abschied von Morrissey – Ein Essay über Kunst und Moral (Goodbye to Morrissey – An Essay on Art and Morals) by Athena publishers

Pandemisches Standbild (Pandemic Image) on fixpoetry

“Vom Nachdichten und Nachsinnen – Ein phänomenologisches Skizzenblatt” (Poetical after-thoughts – A phenomenological sketch sheet) published in Journal Phänomenologie

Obsolete Philosophical Notions – performance at Netwerk Aalst, with Annelies Monseré, Nadia Sels, Andrea Knoflach and Maarten Van Ingelgem, presented on the symposium “Perform Philosophy” at LUCA School of Arts, Ghent

Lavendel (Lavender) by Volkmar Mühleis Quartett & Les Hirondelles

Residency at Concertgebouw Brugge, for the artistic research project After the Image – A Musigraphical Research 

“Die Krisis der Pandemie” (The Philosophical Crisis of the Pandemic) published in the Philosophische Rundschau 

Reverse Perspective by Wim Goes & Volkmar Mühleis, published by Grafische Cel, Ghent, LUCA School of Arts

Co-author of “Performance Philosophy and the philosophy of mediality”, together with Jörg Sternagel and Elisabeth Schäfer, in The Routledge Companion to Performance Philosophy

Publication of Die schönste Frau im Deutschlandfunk as “Text of the day” on Fixpoetry


Publication of Halle, Händelstraße 26 as “Text of the day” on Fixpoetry

Performance of Geteilte Freude (Shared joy) in Altes Schloss Stuttgart (Germany), sung by Ensemble Vocapella, directed by Tristan Meister

Continuously since 2019, member of the German Society for Phenomenological Research and the Society for Intercultural Philosophy

Performance of mein Bruder Karin at the Institute for Design Practice and Art Science of Hannover’s Leibniz University

Performance of Magnolie (Magnolia) in Berlin’s St. Canisiuschurch, sung by Neue Männerchor Berlin, directed by Adrian Emans

Continuously since 2019, together with the German nationality the Belgian one

Presentation of Die Gegenstände unserer Kindheit (The objects of our childhood) at the Museum of Things, Berlin Lecture on the topic “Vision und Kunstpraxis” (Vision and art practice) at Leuphana University in Lüneburg (Germany), in the context of a the series of conferences on art education

Recitation of poems by Allen Curnow, in the context of “Something beautiful”, an art event at La Vallée, Brussels

Photo: Mimi Kunz

Concert of the Brussels Cleaning Masters at the Center for Persecuted Arts, Art Museum Solingen (Germany), with a recitation of the collection of poems “Mein blaues Klavier” (My blue piano) by Else Lasker-Schüler

Performance of First Reading Note, a composition by Frederik Leroux, as reader of a scenario by László Moholy-Nagy, with Leroux on guitar and Heleen Van Haegenborgh on piano, at the Brussels Museum of Fine Arts, in the context of the exhibition “Berlin 1912-1932”

Performance of mein Bruder Karin in the Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels