2016 – 2020 in Brussels

Photo: Clara Menissier


“Für eine topische Medienphilosophie” (For a topical media philosophy) in Internationales Jahrbuch für Medienphilosophie

Abschied von Morrissey – Ein Essay über Kunst und Moral (Goodbye to Morrissey – An Essay on Art and Morals) by Athena publishers

Pandemisches Standbild (Pandemic Image) on fixpoetry

“Vom Nachdichten und Nachsinnen – Ein phänomenologisches Skizzenblatt” (Poetical after-thoughts – A phenomenological sketch sheet) published in Journal Phänomenologie

Obsolete Philosophical Notions – performance at Netwerk Aalst, with Annelies Monseré, Nadia Sels, Andrea Knoflach and Maarten Van Ingelgem, presented on the symposium “Perform Philosophy” at LUCA School of Arts, Ghent

Lavendel (Lavender) by Volkmar Mühleis Quartett & Les Hirondelles

Residency at Concertgebouw Bruges, for the artistic research project Coming from Laughing Stock – A Musigraphical Research 

“Die Krisis der Pandemie” (The Philosophical Crisis of the Pandemic) published in the Philosophische Rundschau 

Reverse Perspective by Wim Goes & Volkmar Mühleis, published by Grafische Cel, Ghent, LUCA School of Arts

Co-author of “Performance Philosophy and the philosophy of mediality”, together with Jörg Sternagel and Elisabeth Schäfer, in The Routledge Companion to Performance Philosophy

Publication of Die schönste Frau im Deutschlandfunk as “Text of the day” on Fixpoetry


Publication of Halle, Händelstraße 26 as “Text of the day” on Fixpoetry

Performance of Geteilte Freude (Shared joy) in Altes Schloss Stuttgart (Germany), sung by Ensemble Vocapella, directed by Tristan Meister

Continuously since 2019, member of the German Society for Phenomenological Research and the Society for Intercultural Philosophy

Performance of mein Bruder Karin at the Institute for Design Practice and Art Science of Hannover’s Leibniz University

Performance of Magnolie (Magnolia) in Berlin’s St. Canisiuschurch, sung by Neue Männerchor Berlin, directed by Adrian Emans

Continuously since 2019, together with the German nationality the Belgian one

Presentation of Die Gegenstände unserer Kindheit (The objects of our childhood) at the Museum of Things, Berlin Lecture on the topic “Vision und Kunstpraxis” (Vision and art practice) at Leuphana University in Lüneburg (Germany), in the context of a the series of conferences on art education

Recitation of poems by Allen Curnow, in the context of “Something beautiful”, an art event at La Vallée, Brussels

Photo: Mimi Kunz

Concert of the Brussels Cleaning Masters at the Center for Persecuted Arts, Art Museum Solingen (Germany), with a recitation of the collection of poems “Mein blaues Klavier” (My blue piano) by Else Lasker-Schüler

Performance of First Reading Note, a composition by Frederik Leroux, as reader of a scenario by László Moholy-Nagy, with Leroux on guitar and Heleen Van Haegenborgh on piano, at the Brussels Museum of Fine Arts, in the context of the exhibition “Berlin 1912-1932”

Performance of mein Bruder Karin in the Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels


Land im Rücken, an album by Pfender/Mühleis 

Christmas concert by the Brussels Cleaning Masters in the Brussels Museum of Fine Arts, combining improvised chansons, Paul Van Ostaijen’s “Bezette stad” (Occupied city), and the collage work “Cleaning Notes” on the state of things

Die Gegenstände unserer Kindheit (The objects of our childhood) appears from the Wilhelm Fink Verlag, in collaboration with Jörg Sternagel, subtitled: Denkerinnen und Denker über ihr liebstes Objekt(Female and male thinkers on their favourite object)

In commemoration of the end of World War I, Reading from the chapter “The Front”, from Ernst Toller’s autobiography, “Eine Jugend in Deutschland” (Engl. tr. “I Was a German”, 1934), accompanied by Peter Bultink on  guitar, at the Brussels Museum of Fine Arts

Improvisation of “Three Penny Opera” by the Brussels Cleaning Masters, on the occassion of the exhibition opening for “Berlin – 1912-1932” at the Brussels Museum of Fine Arts 

Performances of Geteilte Freude (Shared joy) on 29 August, in the Matsuyama Sougou Bunka Center, and on 1 September at the Seinan Gakuin University in Fukuoka, Japan, with the Ensemble Vocapella, directed Tristan Meister

Lecture at the TU Berlin, Institute for Art History, about blindness in the arts 

Lecture at the Faculty of Education, University of Hamburg, on Mädchen mit totem Vogel – Eine interkulturelle Bildbetrachtung (Girl with Dead Bird), in the context of the lecture series “Blicke” (Views)

Premiere of the Mühleis Lieder by Maarten Van Ingelgem on 7 May, at the Konzerthaus Freiburg, sung by the Ensemble Vocapella, directed by Tristan Meister. This lieder cycle comprises the pieces “Magnolie” (Magnolia), “Als ich dich trug” (When I carried you) and “Geteilte Freude” (Shared joy)

Girl with Dead Bird – Intercultural Observations published by Leuven University Press

Hinter den Pendlern (Behind the commuters) comes out as “Text of the day” on the German website fixpoetry

Lecture at the X. Congress of the German Society for Aesthetics at the Offenbach University of Art and Design, entitled Haptische Ästhetik (Haptic aesthetics)

Lecture at the Faculty of Theology, Leipzig University, on the topic “Liturgie – Körper – Medien” (Liturgy bodies media) 


Debut of the Volkmar Mühleis Quartetts with the album Traumtänzer (Dreamdancer)

Beginning of the Semester Event at the IGK Hannover with a lecture about Regenerative Ästhetik (Regenerative aesthetics), followed by a performance from mein Bruder Karin (my brother Karen)

Premiere of ‘First Reading Note’, a composition by Frederik Leroux, presented by Heleen Van Haegenborgh and himself, with vocal contributions by Lulu Cuyvers and me, at the venue Gouvernement in Ghent

Presentation of the LP dunkel (dark) at the KUBIG400 in Essen, arranged by the museum association Kunstring Folkwang, including a lecture by Geert Goiris and a performance from mein Bruder Karin

Lecture on the topic of beauty at the St. Paul’s parish in Brussels

Lecture on the relationship between blindness and art during a week of seminars for blind and visually impaired university pensioners, in and around Murnau (Germany) 

Premiere of the choral performance of my poem “Als ich dich trug” (When I carried you), set to music by Maarten Van Ingelgem, sung by the Ensemble Vocapella and directed by Tristan Meister, at the cathedral in Limburg (Germany)

Participation in the exhibition on Reverse Perspective in Wellington (NZ), with an audio piece on the topic

Lecture at Hamburg’s Warburg Library about the Architectural Studio of Qibaa (in Aleppo, Syria), arranged by AG Medienphilosophie

Performance by Pfender/Mühleis and mein Bruder Karin in Bensberg (Germany)

Brussels Cleaning Masters live in Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels, installation by Felix Kindermann

Presentation of the LP dunkel in the record shop Rekord, in Hamburg

Lecture and workshop at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle (Germany), on the topic “Von der Fläche in die Tiefe – Über das Schließen der Hand” (From the surface into the deep on closing the hand)


Exhibition dunkel by Geert Goiris and mein Bruder Karin at the Sint-Lukas Library of LUCA School of Arts in Brussels

Performance of the LP dunkel at the venue Riot in Ghent, presented jointly by mein Bruder Karin and the cellist Lode Vercampt

Report about dunkel and collaborating with Geert Goiris on Brussels 1060 TV

Publication of Der Kunstlehrer Jacotot – Jacques Rancière und die Kunstpraxis (The art teacher Jacotot Jacques Rancière and the practice of art)

Lecture on the topic “Künstler sein im Kapitalismus” (Being an artist during capitalism), an event arranged by the ‘extended voice’ association Stimmfeld in the Cologne ensemble network Freihandelszone, supported by the German Society for Aesthetics

Show with song and guitar at the performance space Reformbühne Berlin

Publication of the album dunkel by mein Bruder Karin as an artist’s edition LP from Art Paper Editions in Ghent, in collaboration with the photographer Geert Goiris

Performance by the Brussels Cleaning Masters in Brussels’ Art Lab Zsenne, staged by Felix Kindermann, including the same musicians and following the same principle as Ab in die Ecke (Off into the corner)

Publication of the poem Bruxelles reste ma belle, as the “Text of the day” on the German website fixpoetry

Video Robot by Messervideo for mein Bruder Karin

Winter session at the University of Potsdam, together with the philosopher Jörg Sternagel, on Hélène Cixous and visual art

Lecture at the symposium “Kunst und Berührung” (Art and touch) at the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, on the topic “Zwischenleiblichkeit in der plastischen Erfahrung und Arbeit” (Intercorporeality in the experience and work of sculpting)