Lavendel (Lavender)

Cover art: Robin Vermeersch

After Traumtänzer (Dreamdancer) we enlarged our musical ambitions in 2020, with the album Lavendel (Lavender). Andrea is singing solo, now, and the quartet were supported by such wonderful musicians as Berten d’Hollander on transverse flute and the composer Maarten Van Ingelgem, who wrote a piece for vocal ensemble that transcends the album’s ending. The drawing on the cover was made by Robin Vermeersch, the design of the album by Nathalie Bertrams. The whole group of musicians included:

Volkmar Mühleis Quartett

Volkmar Mühleis – voice, guitar / Lode Vercampt – cello / Andrea Knoflach – voice / Stijn Bettens – accordion, bandoneon, accordina

et Les Hirondelles

Berten d’Hollander – transverse flute / Maarten Van Ingelgem – choral conductor, bass / Elke De Bruyckere – soprano / Ulrike Sawicki – mezzosoprano / Siegfried Staes – tenor / Hanna Mühleis – harp

Un grand merci à tous!


  1. Scham und Grenze
  2. Heute
  3. Lavendel
  4. Falter
  5. Für Hanna
  6. Jaromir
  7. Geliebt euch wohl
  8. Noch einmal
  9. Europe
  10. Über den Feldern
  11. Gleißend Licht

Recorded and mixed by Sam Van Ryssel in De Pianofabriek arts lab, Brussels, and by Le Grand Cru on the Belgian countryside

Lavendel is available as a CD with a booklet and gatefold cover through CD Baby, and also as a download. Lyrics as PDF.

“Scham und Grenze” was nominated for the List of Best Songs by Deutschsprachige Musik e.V., December 2020.