Wer versteht schon Ukrainisch? (Who understands Ukrainian anyway?) – Remember henk

Cover: Nathalie Bertrams

In 2006 the band henk and I parted ways, and in 2016 they were back again, with their album ‘Wer versteht schon Ukrainisch? Remember Henk’, hot of the digital press for the anniversary of this indie band from Cologne.  Non-hits like ‘Hass (ist der Schweinebandwurm der Seele)’ (Hate is the pork tapeworm of the soul) or ‘Reflex der letzten Zuckung’ (Reflex of the last spasm) are now available on iTunes. The sloshy high-spirited cover was designed by Nathalie Bertramsmerci!

Volkmar Mühleis: vocals, guitar
Jochen Pfender: guitars
Lutz Boddenberg: bass
Christoph Krieger: drums

‘Wer versteht schon Ukrainisch?’ (Who understands Ukrainian anyway?) was recorded and mixed at De Pianofabriek arts lab in Brussels, by Gregor van Mulders, and with fbi-Musik in Cologne-Dellbrück. Nina Hallmann was the technician (also for the live recording from the MTC club in Cologne), December 2003 and Februar, September 2005.

With thanks to Peter Bultink and Frank Baudys!

‘Wer versteht schon Ukrainisch? Remember Henk’ on iTunes