Die Gegenstände unserer Kindheit (The objects of our childhood)

Die Gegenstände unserer Kindheit (The objects of our childhood) is an experiment: both female and male thinkers venture into scaling down and cutting through personal memory and the description of objects, from a theoretical perspective as well as a practical approach to them. Drawings by the Swiss artist Rebekka Baumann complement their writings.

This volume weaves together research in the arts and the humanities and stimulates a discursive deepening of the debate about objects and their meaning. It is about an ethics and aesthetics of things that is unlocked in dealing with objects from childhood, in which orientations in the world occur in playing with others and at the hand of objects, also enabling processes of learning, as well as creating awarenesses.

Volkmar Mühleis, Jörg Sternagel (ed.)
Die Gegenstände unserer Kindheit – Denkerinnen und Denker über ihr liebstes Objekt
Wilhelm Fink Verlag, Paderborn 2019, 309 p., 25 b/w-images, 59 EUR