2011 – 2015 in Brussels

Photo: Yannick Sas



Recital of a poem by Nikolaas Demoen at the arts centre Netwerk in Aalst (Belgium)

Lecture at the Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle (Germany), on Jacques Rancière and the equality in the arts

Guide for the participatory art project Le Grand Banket by Françoise Schein in La Centrale, Brussels

Mix-CD for Hana Miletic’s installation Columba, in her exhibition Street Photography, at the venue Riot in Ghent

Presentation at Düsseldorf’s University of Applied Sciences on my own work in the practice and theory of art

Panel discussion with Frank JMA Castelyns on the occasion of his exhibition Articulation at the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp

Performance of Ab in die Ecke and show by mein Bruder Karin at the artist collective 019 in Ghent, in the context of the Popcore festival

Premiere of Magnolie (Magnolia) by Maarten Van Ingelgem/Volkmar Mühleis in Dortmund’s Marienkirche, sung by the Ensemble Vocapella, directed by Tristan Meister 

Recitation of Tenir paroles, a poetry volume of Hana Miletic, which was composed from fragments of rap texts by La Frénétick, at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels

Lecture on the relationship between technology and orality, at the IX. congress of the German Society for Aesthetics at the University of Hamburg 


Presentation of the essay Mädchen mit totem Vogel (Girl with Dead Bird) at the M art museum in Leuven, in the context of the symposium The Divided Body

Interview for the Italian economic magazine ImprendiNews

Concerts by mein Bruder Karin (my brother Karen) at the Audio Foundation in Auckland and the LUCA School of Arts in Ghent

Lecture at the Auckland Art Gallery Toi O Tāmaki on the aesthetic thinking of Jacques Rancière

Lecture at the ELAM School of Arts in Auckland on Blindness and Art

Audio play Hotel Savoy, an adaption of Joseph Roth’s novel by the same name, in collaboration with Lutz Boddenberg

Presentation of the essay Mädchen mit totem Vogel (Girl with Dead Bird) at the Brussels’ Museum of Fine Arts 

Guest speaker of Last Wednesday Critics at the Café De Monk, Brussels

Lecture on the aesthetic thought of Jacques Rancière at the Sint-Lukas School of Arts Antwerp

Lecture on the relationship between protest and performance at the conference “Performing Protest”, at KU Leuven 


Presentation of the album dunkel by mein Bruder Karin at the event space Halle32 in Gummersbach (Germany), filmed by Jürgen Hillenbach

Premiere of the Volkmar Mühleis Trio, with Lode Vercampt on cello and Lutz Boddenberg on grand piano

Continuously since 2013, Lecturer, philosophy of art, at the LUCA School of Arts, Brussels and Ghent campuses

Article “Ästhetisierung und Kunst” (Aestheticising and art) in  Philosophische Rundschau

Lecture “Wahrnehmung in der Kunst” (Perception in art) at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

Lectures on “Blindheit und Kunst” (Blindness an art) at the Leibniz center Literary and Cultural Research in Berlin and at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne 

Der Abstand zur eigenen Hand (The distance to one’s own hand)


Zien, doen, denken – Jacques Rancière en de kunstpraktijk (Seeing, doing, thinking – Jacques Rancière and the practice of art) – observations, in collaboration with photographer Marc De Blieck, presented at the Galerie Tatjana Pieters in Ghent

Shows by the electronic music duo mein Bruder Karin at De Pianofabriek arts lab, Ateliers Mommen, De Markten (Brussels), among other venues; video portrait of the band by Xavier Itota

Der Brief, die Serviette (The letter, the napkin) – prose publication in the art and literary journal  Ostragehege

Continuously since 2012, member of the extended voice association Stimmfeld

Lecture in Museum Situation Kunst on Bild und Gewalt (Image and violence), in the context of the conference of the same name at Ruhr University Bochum


Continuously since 2011, member of the German Society for Aesthetics 

Lecture at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf on the topic Kunst und Experiment (Art and experiment), in the context of the congres of the German Society for Aesthetics on Experimental Aesthetics, since then member of the Society for Aesthetics 

Guest with the German radio network WDR5 for a conversation about Ein Kind lässt einen Stein übers Wasser springen – Zu Entstehungsweisen von Kunst (A child skips a stone across the water – on the ways of creating art)

Talk for the opening of the exhibition Harmonious Blacksmith by Dutch artist A. van Campenhout in the De Pont Museum in Tilburg (NL)

Der Brief, die Serviette – concert reading with the flutist Ortrud Kegel at the Hinterhofsalon in Cologne

Talk for the opening of the exhibition Meanwhile – Works 1991-2011 by ATAK at the Bilderbuchmuseum in Troisdorf (Germany)

Performance by mein Bruder Karin at the Bruno-Goller-Haus, Gummersbach (Germany)

Collaboration by mein Bruder Karin for a backdrop video with the graphic artist Koenraad Cant