Artuarium – The Grammar of Art School

The Artuarium presents keywords to reflect on art education today. Every keyword contains a text and/or an image that has been constitutive for the formation of the art school. Some texts unfold critical ideas and questions, some images evoke careful observations, some texts tell stories, others reflect on the reflection, and so on. The Artuarium is a collection, not a system. It is a possible archive of a moment in time, a nucleus, network, labyrinth. You are invited to enter, to read, to bring in your experiences, and to discover statements of artists and theoreticians, as well as examples of both their practices.

With contributions by Giorgio Agamben, Aristotle, Herman Asselberghs, Maïté Baillieul, Joseph Beuys, Augusto Boal, Agnes Bube, Leonardo da Vinci, Serge Daney, Marc De Blieck, Fernand Deligny, John Dewey, Ana Dimke, Mattijs Driesen, Marguerite Duras, Jerzy Grotowski, Boris Groys, Kerstin Hallmann, Lisa Jevbratt, Allan Kaprow, Paul Klee, Eva Koethen, Wiebe Koopal, Julie Lesenne, Tyson E. Lewis, Audre Lorde, Pierangelo Maset, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Volkmar Mühleis, Ludwig Münz, Kakuzo Okakura, Jacques Rancière, Adrienne Rich, Andrea Sabisch, Ousmane Sembene, Richard Serra, Michel Serres, Friedrich Schiller, Susan Sontag, Nancy Vansieleghem, and Ella Ziegler.

Artuarium – The Grammar of Art School, edited by Nancy Vansieleghem & Volkmar Mühleis

published by Grafische Cel, Ghent, 2022, design and pictures: Hannah Boogaerts

available via Copyright Bookshop, Ghent, 18 EUR, ISBN 9789492574206