Unendlichkeit (Infinity)

Summer 2020: The Catholic Church is shaken by the abuse scandal, the pandemic is disrupting society and refugees are looking for new support. In his story, Volkmar Mühleis mirrors these events across the ages. Could it also be called The Ship of Fools, after the late medieval text by Sebastian Brant? What can one trust? This question arises in all the three cases portrayed. And a pastor has to answer it, in his very own way. He is inspired by friends—and by philosophical reading. The knowing ignorance of Nicholas of Cusa, is it more than a slogan in the midst of crises? The crisis of enlightenment and reason?

Unendlichkeit – Nach dem Kugelspiel des Nikolaus von Kues

A novella

Verlag Karl Alber, Freiburg im Breisgau, 2023

96 pages, 24 EUR