Tagebuch eines Windreisenden (Diary of a Wind Traveller)


The Diary of a Wind Traveller describes a world journey in 14 days – flying around the world, from Europe always westwards to New Zealand, then further around the globe and finally back. Volkmar Mühleis follows the tradition of journals by world travellers since Georg Forster and confronts the promise of travelling across continents and seas with the satellite-supported, technologically and medially networked present. In keeping with the journal, it is an open text that mixes narratives with observations and imaginings with precisely described impressions. The poetic openness, the speed of the journey and the metaphor of travelling in the wind suggest that the text should be understood as ‘light luggage’ reduced to the bare essentials – a plea that applies not only to literature but also to life itself.

Tagebuch eines Windreisenden

Passagen Verlag, Vienna, 2021

112 pages cost 12.90 euros

In the programme for the Frankfurt Book Fair, Literadio Wien broadcast a conversation about the diary between Herbert Gnauer and me on 22 October 2021.

On 15 November the long version was broadcast, on Orange 94.0 in Vienna.

Passagen Verlag, Frankfurt Book Fair 2021
House of Literature The Hague, 27 October 2021 (Photo: Hendrikje Friedrich)