Photo: Dirk Dahmer

Attends collects the tracks for my acoustic sessions that did not find a spot on any of the three albums made from them. Together these works form their own space, the length of an EP.

Kenny Martens and Sam Van Ryssel did the recording and mixing, 2009/2011, at De Pianofabriek arts lab in Brussels, and Lutz Boddenberg mastered the album. Nathalie Bertrams designed the cover, with a photo by Dirk DahmerLena, 1992.

Much gratitude to all of them for sound and image!


1. Attends
2. Liebe in den Zeiten des Alltags
3. Ich vermisse eine Ruhe, die mich erwartet
4. Wann wurde aus uns die Sehnsucht nach uns?
5. Deine Nähe

Volkmar Mühleis – guitar, vocals – lyrics and music

Lyrics for Attends PDF. Link to iTunes