De Luc-Saint Lawaai Fanfare

Photo: Sebastain Kaye

The Luc-Saint Lawaai Fanfare (Luc Saint Cacophony Fanfare) was an initiative from the filmmaker Dany Deprez, which I accompanied with music, 2009-2010. 

This brass band is an improv ensemble at Ghent’s St-Lucas campus of the LUCA School of Arts, where Dany and ich work – open to students, teachers, and freaks. The year I was involved the line-up included:

Sarah Grothus: saxophone
Remi Verstraete: synthesizer
Niels Keteleers: guitar
Arjen Verswijvelt: guitar
Sebastian Kaye: percussion
Sidney Aelbrecht: guitar
Volkmar Mühleis: vocals, guitar
Technician: Johan Vandermaelen

01 Northern Lights-Quarry (Poems by Paul Auster, live in de OffOff-Cinema Ghent, 2010)

02 Portrait of a Woman (Poem by Wisława Szymborska)

03 Videokapel

04 De Luc-Saint Lawaai Fanfare

05 Miracle Fair (Poem by Wisława Szymborska)