Reverse Perspective

Cover: Sarah Tilley

Reverse Perspective presents practice-based architectural, art historical and philosophical research on presence via images, buildings, and texts. Therefore, the Belgian architect Wim Goes explores three of his main projects: the Yohji Yamamoto Boutique Antwerp, the Royal Belgian Sailing Club and Refuge II. In conversation with Volkmar Mühleis (with supplement questions of Wim Goes), the Bulgarian art historian Clemena Antonova discusses the concept of reverse perspective, in relation to Orthodox icons, cubism, the cinema of Andrei Tarkovsky and paintings of David Hockney. Mühleis himself is reflecting on practice and theory in this context, by two experimental, philosophical meditations.


Drawings: Wim Goes

Clemena Antonova (b. 1970) is an art historian, working on aspects of the art of the icon with a focus on principles of organizing pictorial space. Among her latest publications are her book Visual Thought in Russian Religious Philosophy: Pavel Florensky’s Theory of the Icon (Routledge, 2020) and her contribution, “The Icon and the Visual Art at the Time of the Russian Religious Renaissance,” to the Oxford Handbook of Russian ReligiousThought (OUP, 2020). At present, she is the Research Director of the Eurasia in Global Dialogue Programme at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna.

Wim Goes (b. 1969) is a practicing architect leading Wim Goes Architectuur. Their projects have been featured in the Belgian Pavilion of the 15th International Architecture Biennale in Venice (IT), the 2016 Triennale in Viserum (SE), the Royal Academy of Arts in London (UK), the former building of the Ministry of Education in Rio de Janeiro (BR) and in exhibitions at universities such as ETH Zurich (CH), and at the Victoria University in Wellington (NZ). Wim Goes currently teaches at Sint-Lucas, Ghent and Brussels (Dpt. of Architecture, KULeuven).

Volkmar Mühleis (b. 1972) is teaching philosophy and aesthetics at LUCA School of Arts in Brussels and Ghent. His recent publications include Girl with Dead Bird – Intercultural Observations (Leuven/Cornell University Press, 2018) and a contribution to the Routledge Companion of Performance Philosophy (2020). He is member of the German Society for Aesthetics, the Society for Intercultural Philosophy and reviewer for the Philosophische Rundschau.

Publisher: Grafische Cel, LUCA School of Arts, supported by the Faculty of Architecture/KU Leuven

Pictures: Elizabeth Broeckaert, Kristien Daem & Filip Dujardin

Editor: John R. J. Eyck

Graphic design: Sarah Tilley

Coordination and production: Inge Ketelers

Printing: Antilope De Bie Paper Munken Print white 15 (FSC)

152 p., Ghent, 2020, 18 EUR

ISBN 9789492574121

Presentation of the book at Harvard Graduate School of Design, nr. 20 of the series „Five on Five“ on 21 March 2022


Presentation of the book at the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna, 17 February 2022

Copyright Bookshop, Gent
Contemplating with „Reverse Perspective“ at Harvard Art Museums, by Yeonho Lee, January 2023