Am Fenster (At the window)

Photo: Peter Bultink

In September 2009, I recorded my second solo album at De Pianofabriek arts lab in Brussels: Am Fenster (At the window). The songs became more quiet, more narrative. Together with Kenny Martens and Sam Van Ryssel in engineering, I captured this mood, in the darkened arts lab. Lutz Boddenberg mastered the recordings, Peter Bultink made the cover photo (in the bar Brasserie Verschueren), and Nathalie Bertrams designed the CD. My heartfelt thanks to them all!

And a relaxing evening to the rest of you friends Am Fenster!



Photo: Patric Louis

1. Am Fenster
2. Schatten
3. Geliebt euch wohl
4. Lass uns auseinander gehen (als könnte noch alles geschehen)
5. Tag um Tag
6. Komm mir zu nah
7. Schwarz
8. Von Kindern und Erwachsenen
9. Die leeren Stühle
10. Wiegenlied

Volkmar Mühleis – guitar, vocals – lyrics and music

Lyrics for Am Fenster PDF. Link to the songs on iTunes.