Volkmar Mühleis, Songmaker

Photo: Peter Bultink

Volkmar Mühleis, Liedermacher (Songmaker) is the final album in my acoustic series; it’s meant to present me and my works unfiltered in a live recording. After my time with the band henk it was important for me to find my songs a place of their own, a plain, straightforward, unsparing place, without any wallpaper or trim. FolkAm Fenster (At the window), and this album unfold this place, this space. Now I am able to get on with shaping it further. As you hear on Traumtänzer and further recordings!

As with the prior albums, the recording and mixing took place with Kenny Martens and Sam Van Ryssel at De Pianofabriek arts lab in Brussels, between 2007 and 2011. The mastering was done by Lutz Boddenberg, the cover by Nathalie Bertrams, and the photo on it by Peter Bultink. Merci!

Lyrics as PDF. Link to iTunes 


1. Hoffnung legt sich um dich
2. Schnee in Prag
3. Vertrauen
4. Nimm mir den Schlaf von den Augen
5. Das Warten
6. Am falschen Punkt zur falschen Zeit
7. Es ist viel zu lang hell heut abend
8. Sieben Jahre
9. Ein letzter Tanz
10. Niemand muss erwachen

Volkmar Mühleis – guitar, piano, vocals – lyrics and Music

Volkmar Mühleis live at the Bruno-Goller-Haus in Gummersbach (Germany) in 2010. Track: Vertrauen